Guangfu Military Village

When the Chinese Nationalist Party first came to Taiwan in the late 1940s, many military villages were erected to house the soldiers and their family.  Guangfu was one of the few to remain and today has been turned into an esoteric collection of shops, cafes and studios.  It’s important to note that this restoration of the village is only a few years old so the site is still a work in progress.  Han Ping road bisects the village in two with several artisan studios and coffee shops clustered along it.  Elsewhere abandoned military homes are still in fair condition and offer an insight into time long past. Just across Zhong Zheng road you can find more houses closed off to the public but free to roam between.  Around 400 cats inhabit the village and many can be found sunning themselves in the side streets not yet taken over by wandering tourists.

Getting There

By Bus 50:  Take bus number 50 from Taichung Train Station to Guangfu New Village directly in Wufeng District, Taichung.  Bus 50 bus stop is just past Chance hotel on JianGuo Road, across from 7-11.  Leave the train station and head east down Jian Guo road about 200m to reach it.  Once you’re on the bus and you arrive at the terminal, walk 10 mins over a bridge to the entrance of the museum to buy tickets.  Journey time is around 1.30 mins.


By Bus 201/107: You can also take a bus 201 from Taichung 3rd market on Taichung Road, about a 10 min walk from Taichung station.  This takes you directly to Guangfu New Village from where you have to walk to the 921 Earthquake museum.

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