Visit to Taichung Winery, Anyone?

Dating back to the Japanese colonial era, the Taichung winery includes a museum, a product exhibition area where visitors can sample and buy wine and gardens for strolling in outside. Theres more to do than one might think. For groups of twenty people or more, you can book a guided tour of the factorys facilities. The product exhibition area features several varieties of herbal wines that will apparently add several years to your life too! In the wine museum you can learn about the history and development of Taichungs wines as well as some of the wine-making equipment used in the past.

Opening Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm daily

Getting there:
No.2, Taichung Industrial Park 28th Road, Nr. Donghai University, Taichung

  04 2350 1318

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References: (Taichung Winery Website)

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