The Roof of Taichung at Wanggaoliao

Wang Gao Liao ( 望高寮夜景公) is a scenic spot overlooking the border between Chunghwa and Taichung cities. From this view point you can see both cities stretching into the distance on either side. At night, you can also see many stars (and maybe even shooting stars too). In recent years, this picturesque stopover has become thronged with people who gather to watch the fireworks show as they unfold over both cities. The site was originally intended as a bunker by the Japanese Occupational force in Taiwan and was dug out by conscripts early in the twentieth century. Further rumors say that the site was once used as a smuggling haven by pirates who took advantage of the natural caves and passage ways that snake under the mountain.

Further things to do:  A short drive along from Wang Gao Liao is Taichung Animal Shelter, home to all manner of stray dogs, cats, peacocks, sheep and other assorted animals.  They welcome visitors and if you have time to help out, they always need volunteer dog-walkers and people to help out with the animals.



No. 408 Zhongtai Road, South District, Taichung City
Open: All day


Getting There

Here’s the tricky part.  There’s no easy way to get to Wang Gao Liao by bus, so it is easier to just take a taxi from Taichung Train Station.  This should take from 30-35 mins depending on traffic.  Buses can take up to two hours to reach the view point.  You could always stop by Rainbow Village on the way up to Wang Gao Liao to include two local sites in one journey.

Photo Credit
Cpver Photo By Fcuk1203 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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