Taichung Jade Market

Something shiny, something new, something green, something blue.  Taichung Jade market (台中文心玉市-天目城) (Tian Mu Square) has it all.  While a little off the beaten track since it moved to new premises, Taichung Jade market caters to those seeking a bargain for anything except the mundane.  The glittering stones, lucid figurines, and rowdy stall keepers will keep you entertained for at least a few hours.  Inside, you can browse the selections, try your hand at pouring traditional Chinese tea, or just soak up some of the culture.  You should be prepared to bargain hard if you do go as stall owners make money from the gullible, and then grumble when called out by the astute. However, it’s all in good fun.  In short, a great place for finding souvenirs to take home, but remember to brush up on your bargaining skills!


Opening Times

9.30am -8pm (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)




957 Wuquan West Rd, Sect. 2, South District, Taichung

To get there by car follow Wuquan West road to the intersection with Yongchun Road.  On the left will be a McDonalds and the New Jade Market is next to that.




http://tian-mu.com.tw/ (Official Website)

Trip Adviser’s Shopping Guide to the Jade Market

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