Fourth Credit Union (台中市第四信用合作社)

A Little History

Tired of queuing at Miyahara Ice Cream Parlor, then its sister site is for you.  Fourth Credit Union is an opulent three-story cafe set in an old converted bank.  Originally built in 1966, it was reopened in 2013 by Dawncake, the same people who run Miyahara a few blocks down.  The site is far quieter than its more well-known counterpart, yet with the same quality of ice cream and a very different feel.

Ice Cream

First floor cream counters serve 72 flavors of ice cream at $90 a scoop.  Moving upstairs, a cafe on the second floor has popular treats like syrup waffles, popcorn chicken and cookies.  A wide variety of drinks and coffee is also available.  The newly-opened shaved ice counter is particularly worth checking out, though pricey.

A Chiq Interior

While the interior decor may be a little too ostentatious for some, the original bank vault doors and standing counters add a nice touch.  There’s plenty of seating on all floors, and in general it’s a much more convenient place to eat ice cream than Miyahara.  Great ambiance, though a little on the expensive side


Photo credit to Alexander Synaptic/Flickr

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