Did You Know There was a Balloon Museum in Taichung?

The current museum is in the original Tailloon Balloons Factory which is nowadays situated next door. The factory is still the only rubber balloon manufacturer in Taiwan and provides for a fun day out. It can be reached by taking the train to Fengyuan, then either taking a short bus or taxi ride out to the museum. Visitors can learn the original history of the rubber balloon vs. its modern latex counterpart, how to make balloons by hand (including pouring the mold) and various balloon tricks, experiments and activities.

Opening Hours: 09:00 pm – 05:00 pm (closed 12-1pm) (Monday closed)

429, Taichung City, Shengang District, 

04 2528 4525

Taiwan Balloon Museum Website: http://www.prolloon.com.tw/

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