A Spiritual Encounter at Taichung’s Oldest Temple

Wanhe temple was completed in 1726 and is the oldest temple in Taichung and one of the oldest in Taiwan. It is dedicated to the popular deity Matsu and its name means Ten Thousand Peace Temple. The money donated to build the temple totalled ten thousand dollars at the time. The temple was built on the orders of a Qing Dynasty commander called Zhang Guo as a thank you for his prosperity and successful settlement in the area. The word “Wanhe” means by worshipping Mazu that she will bless all peoples and that “everyone together” making their hometown a better place.  Inside the temple you can find enshrined Matsu in the main front hall, bodhisattvas in the back hall and Emperor Guang Gong and the Emperor of Agriculture in the two wings.  A visit to the nearby Wenchang temple and Nantun Old Street is also worthwhile.  The building is a category 3 historical site.

Opening Hours: Daytime hours (entry FREE)

Getting there:

No.51, Wanhe Rd., Sec.1, South Dist., Taichung

04-2389 3285



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