Useful Info

Guided Taxi Rates around Taichung

Information on hiring a taxi from 6-8 hours around Taichung (or greater Taiwan). Rates start from $3,700 NTD, though they might change depending on itineraries.  You can also use the app Find Taxi (呼叫小黃) to find a taxi quickly.  (Apple /Google Play) or Facebook.

Shopping Guide to Taichung (with

There’s lots to see and do in Taichung and shopping should be one of them.   Let this guide by navigate the city’s many hidden gems and takeaways.

Taichung City Walk

Explore the timelessness of Taichung with this free two-hour city walk around some of the hidden corners of Taichung.  Start at the Taichung Train Station and meander through local history as your guide regales you with a side of Taichung, few tourists come to know.  Highly Recommended.  Must be booked 24 hours in advance.

Pocket WIFI for up to Five People (or more)

Experience the fast connectivity of 4G with a pocket WIFI device.  Hired from any major international airport in Taiwan, they can cost under $100NTD/day and be dropped off at an airport store or nearby convenience store.  It’s usually cheaper to rent online first rather than directly from airport counters.  Most portable WIFI devices offer up to 8 hours of usage.

  • Unite Traveller has stores in all major airports open from 0530 ~ 0130.  Can connect up to five devices.  Ideal if you’re t
    ravelling in group of up to five people.  Rates starting from $188/day. (Website only in Chinese).  Also offers additional power banks for rent.
  • Ivideo Taiwan offers a much cheaper deal at $365NTD for five days).  Drops off with Ivideo can be made at 24 hr convenience stores next to all major airports.
  • i-wifii allows 10 devices to be connected to the one portable router from $100NTD/day.  Drop offs can be made at counters at airports from Taipei to Kaoshiung or at nearby 7-11s.
  • WIFI Taiwan has 5 days use for $1000NTD, though they offer a free power banks and 15% early bird discount for booking the device 21 days in advance.
  • You may also be able to rent directly from Chunghwa Telecom.

4G Internet SIM card with Chunghwa Telecom

Staying connected is a must nowadays and a 4G SIM card from Chunghwa Telecom offers just that.  Other decent carriers are Far East Tone and Taiwan Mobile though Chunghwa seems to provide the best coverage across the whole island for wandering visitors.  Chunghwa Telecom was orginally the government telecom broadcaster.  Sim cards can be bought from them for as little as $300NTD  though they only come with 1GB of data use.  Most people opt for unlimited data plans as they offer the best security.  These retail at $1000NTD with a small amount of credit for calls.  Chunghwa SIM cards can be bought from any Chunghwa Telecom store at airports or from general telecom stores.  All carriers require two forms of photo ID (say a passport and a driving license) to process your application in about 30 mins.

Taichung Restaurant Guide and Itinerary Suggestions

Detailed map of Taichung Interests

Whatever your need in Taiwan, this excellent resource from Taichungexpat contains everything from interesting sights to swimming pools to restaurants.

Find an International Plug Adapter

All night markets sell international chargers, and so do all DIY stores too. Go into any and ask for a (
通用插頭適配器 or chātóu shìpèiqì), A cheap adapter shouldn’t cost more than $100NT. You can also buy USB chargers at any 3C (san C) store in Taiwan.