Taichung Botanical Gardens, Escape the Urban Jungle

Located just behind the National Museum of Natural Science main hall, the botanical gardens in Taichung are the largest of their kind in Asia. They feature an entire tropical ecosystem including 800 species of plant, various fish, butterflies and a large functional water clock. Its purpose is to represent the floral diversity of Taiwan in one place. Bottom-line, its cheap to enter and, if working, taking the elevator up past the waterfall to the sky walk around the top of the glass dome is certainly worthwhile. Good for a thirty minute to one hour visit.


Getting There

No. 1, Guǎnqián Rd, North District Taichung City
Tel:  (04) 2322 6940
9:00am to 5:00pm Tues-Sun (週二至週日9:00-17:00 (週一休館))


By Bus:

Walk from Taichung Transfer Bus station to Taichung Park bus stop along Shuangshi Road.  The stop is shortly after Lianwu road.  Take bus 18 directly to the Botanical Gardens.





Image by RyblooOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


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