Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Sciences

This is a definitely a great place to visit in Taichung. The museum comprises six areas including Space IMAX Theater, Life Science Hall, Chinese Science Hall, Science Hall, Botanical Garden, and Global Environmental Hall. It also encompasses an 9/21 Earthquake Museum ten kilometers away in Wufeng, south of Dali Dist. The museum further features 30 different exhibitions and regularly features internationally renown ones including the Silkroad Mummies, Dinosaurs, robots etc…The Space IMAX theatre is the largest and most technologically advanced in Taiwan.



40453 臺中市北區館前路一號
No. 1, Guanqián Rd, Bei (North) District Taichung City
Tel: 04 2322 6940
Open: 9:00am to 5:00pm Tues-Sun (週二至週日9:00-17:00 (週一休館))


Getting There


http://www.nmns.edu.tw/nmns_eng/01about/ (Museum’s Website in English)
http://www.nmns.edu.tw/ (Chinese)

Cover Photo By David Villa [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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