Lost in Time at Wenchang Temple, Beitun

Wenchang temple was completed in 1797  during the Qing dynasty and is dedicated to Chinese god of literature Wen Chang Dijun.  Wen Chang Dijun is a popular god in Taiwan (especially with students) and he is found in many educated Taiwanese’ homes across the island.  Students regularly study Chinese classics here.  There are two Wenchang temples, one in Beitun Dist. (est. 1888) and the older located in Nantun Dist. (south Taichung). The temple was once used as a school during the Japanese occupation period of Taiwan in 1898.  Nantun traditional market and ‘Old Street’ is directly behind this temple as well as Wanhe temple nearby – Taichung’s oldest temple.



No.41, Section 2, Changping Road, Beitun District, Taichung City, 406
Tel:  (04) 2422 5845
Daytime hours (entry FREE)


Getting There

By Bus: From Taichung Bus station walk 350m to Ganzheng Bus Stop (see map). Take bus no. 71 headed to Taichung International Baseball Stadium. Get off at the Chongde Shi Intersection Bus Stop on Chongde Rd. Walk 250m to Beitun’s Wenchang Temple on Changping Road (see map below).






Photo Credit

Image By Ludahai at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


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