Walk Through the Past Down Nantun Old Street, Taichung

Also known as ‘Litou Dianjie,’ this is a rare find tucked away in South Taichung is Nantun Old Street.’ Originally settled in the late 19th Century, the area was originally an agricultural hub. Many of the buildings here date from a half century ago and sell mainly local handicrafts, foods and tools (ex. tofu stores, ironsmiths, chinese medicine shops, seed stores etc…). Nantun traditional market is located nearby as well as Wanhe and Wenchang temples. There is a ‘wooden sandals contest held on the street on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month each year (usually June) (犁頭店木屐賽) which is meant to awaken the golden pangolins sleeping under the ground and bring prosperity to the area.



Between Wanhe and Wenchang roads, Nantun Dist. Taichung City
Open: Daytime hours (entry FREE)
Tel: N/A


Getting There

By Bus:  Take bus 290 from Taichung Railway stop to Nantun South Stop, about 55 mins.  From there continue to walk along the road until you see a clearly marked blacksmiths on the right. This is Nantun Old Street.





Cover photo courtesy of Taichung Government


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