Taichung’s Treasured Second Market : The Secret is Out!!

Taichung is one of Taiwan’s first planned cities dating back to the Japanese Era when it was called ‘Little Kyoto.’ This market dates from the Japanese Era and still contains some of the original buildings though most of the modern construction is post 1945. It is also often called the ‘Japanese Market for the array of Japanese goods that can still be bought here. ‘Eat traditional local breakfast at one of Taichung’s most original markets. Some examples worth trying include:

菜頭粿王糯米腸 (Radish Cake Wong Sticky Rice Sausage)
三代福州意麵 (Three Generations Fuzhou Yee Mien)
糯米腸 (sticky rice sausage)
楊田肉舖 (Yang Tian Meat Vendor)
五花肉 (wu hua rou – pig’s belly)


Above Image courtesy Taichung Government and Reflection Photography

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