Historic 1920s Taichung Mansion Behind HSR! (聚奎居)

Historic Taichung MansionJukuiju is a piece of history just a short walk from Taichung HSR station.  The stately home is huge and well worth a visit.  While it’s built in the shape of a traditional Taiwanese Sanheyuan (三合院),  it’s architecture shows a Japanese influenced Baroque style.  A wander around these ruins is a rare look at Taiwan’s past situated a short drive from Taichung’s High Speed Railway (HSR) station. 

There is no doubt Jukuiju has seen better days.  Trees clamber through the ruins, almost enveloping parts.  Doors and windows are mostly missing, but by and large the outer construction of the house remains sound.

As you enter the open courtyard, a recently installed door hides a stairway upstairs.  The upper floor is relatively safe though you should take care.  From the upstairs balcony you can better appreciate the scale of the place.  It also offers fantastic views down into the front courtyard and of the gradual advance of nature throughout the property.


The old residence was built in the 1920s by a prominent member of Taichung’s society called Chén Shàozōng, who was a famous poet by one account.  By the 1950’s Chen’s family was in debt and struggling, and by the 1980s the home was abandoned.  The property sat for decades untouched, visited only by wedding parties and photographers.  Then in 2016, the property was bought by the government for redevelopment.  Today it is a category 3 historic site in Taichung.

Getting There

A word of caution.  Nowadays Jukuiju is under development by the government so the its outside is surrounded by blue fencing to dissuade visitors.  However, visitors still duck under the fence to look around. If you too wish to visit, use caution as the flooring upstairs may be unstable in places.

To reach Jukuiju, take the train to Taichung HSR station via New Wuri train station.  Head out onto Gaotie 1st Road and take a left.  Head straight and turn right on Gaotie 2nd Road.  Walk 200m or so to Xuetian Road and turn right.  Walk straight up Xuetian road for about a kilometer and you’ll see Jukuiju.

Bottom Line

On a rainy day or sunny day, Jukuiju has atmosphere.  A piece of history a few minutes by taxi from Taichung HSR station.   Easy to include in a taxi ride from the HSR station to Taichung city.


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