Old Taichung’s Undiscovered Second Jade Market…

The Saturday Jade Market (台中玉市)

In an old city block across from Taichung park, a hundred vendors sit, jostle and haggle with customers in a verbal joust as old as human civilization. Taichung’s Saturday Jade Market (also known as Lian Mei Jade Market) brings a flash of color and humanity to those looking for a more local side to the city.  Of the three Jade Markets in the city, this is the oldest and most interesting. Gems, jade and jewelry from the gaudy to the trim are hawked here.  The more obvious offerings here include bits and pieces of all tastes including jade pendants, tea sets, and DIY jewelry parts.  But look closer and you’ll find Tibetan tankas and outdated money amongst other surprising finds.  The area is slightly seedy and the market structure has certainly seen better days.  However, the liveliness and variation more than make up for it. Regular shops and food vendors are also plentiful throughout..  For atmosphere, bargains, and an altogether Taichung experience, there are few comparisons.

Getting there:  

Head south next to the Taichung Park by scooter, and you’ll see this unassuming entrance immediately across from the pavilion structure within the park.  The market is just inside.

Shizheng Street Jade Market

This market is slightly smaller than the other jade markets with around 30-40 vendors.  It contains a similar number of offerings to the Saturday Market, yet runs Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 9pm.  It’s located on 615 ShiZheng Road.

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