Herbal Medicine Street


A Rare Spot in a Sea of Change

Having been around since the dawn of the city, little has changed along Taichung Herbal Medicine Street (草藥). Narrow alleys exist in a generational timewarp whose storekeepers bear the same timeworn look of those for whom life’s routine drudgery never ceases.  A rare spot in a sea of change, the ‘street’ pervades more a sense of old Taichung than anywhere else in the city.  Herbal tea is surprisingly refreshing, and on a hot summer day local Taichungers regularly flock here to quench their thirst.  There are around ten herbal tea sellers left and halfway down the street is a good place to try.  At the intersection of two alleyways is an engraved metal cross in the floor, and the vendor there (陳百草店) will happily let you sample iced herbal tea (百草茶 or bǎicǎochá) from her refrigerated cart before buying.

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