Soaking in the Spas of Guguan

Guguan Hot Springs were first discovered by the Japanese in 1907 though were likely also used by the Attayal Aboriginal tribe before that time. The Japanese emperor apparently visited and fathered a son while doing so, adding to the infamy of the location. In recent times, tourism has declined due to typhoons and the 9/21 earthquake but numbers have begun to increase again. You should stay overnight to truly enjoy the springs and the mountainous area around. Theres also a cultural museum for those interested as well as 7 day hikes through the Baishan forest area surroundings. Rooms/dorms cost approx. NT$2480/580, though you don’t have to stay.  Spending time meandering along these trails is well worth it.  There are different trail lengths to suit everybody from short to long.

Surrounding the visitor center is a ‘hot spring park’ where you can dangle your feet in man made pools fed by the same hot spring water that is drawn into the many private spas surrounding. Several of the springs have fish that eat the dead skin off your feet creating a barely tolerable tickling sensation.



Guguan Hot Springs
No.102, Lane 1, Dongguan Road, Heping DistrictTaichung, Taiwan
Tel: +886 (4) 800 231 035
Open: Daytime hours (Mon-Fri)


Getting There

To get to Guguan, the easiest way is via Fengyuan Bus station. Take the train to Fengyuan from Taichung Train station.   From there take a bus to Guguan.  The hotsprings are 5 mins from the bus stop in Guguan village.



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