A Visit to Taichung Brewery!

Wuri Brewery

Wuri brewery has been a Taichung landmark since 1968, and is one of many breweries in Taiwan. Situated just behind the new High Speed Rail (HSR) station, the brewery has become popular in recent years. The in-factory shop acts as a sort of visitor center with a beer exhibition hall showcasing the history of Taiwan Beer in Taiwan. There are also interesting infographics detailing the beer brewing process, and the history of beer dating back to 5000BC. Visitors can sample some of the breweries beverages, as well as buy Taiwan beer souvenirs.

All information given is in Chinese, so for non-Chinese speakers, the brewery is only worth visiting if you’re in the area. However, notably this brewery specializes in manufacturing the award-winning Golden Metal Beer sold widely at all good convenience stores island-wide as well as 18-day beer, Taiwanese Sake, and Weissbier first introduced in 2014. Around the brewery are a collection of bars and restaurants such as Yanpo Taiwanese Meatballs and 50 Years Noodle Shop. Those looking to tour the brewery need to formally apply first in writing to the relevant authorities.


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