The Origin of Bubble Tea, A Worldwide Phenomenon! 泡沫紅茶一條街

The original inventor of bubble tea supposedly lies in a little tea shop called Chun Shui Tang in Taichung near the train station. The idea originally came when the owner of a shop visited Japan and saw how coffee could be served cold. One day, while in a meeting the owner put tapioca in her iced Assam tea just for fun and the new drink was born. Visitors to the tea house are taught how to make and serve the tea though bookings should be made in advance in order so the tea house can prepare the equipment before you arrive. The workshop takes typically 50 minutes teaches you all the tricks of the trade and is well worth the time spent.  In sum, an old tea house with plenty of charm and certainly worth a visit.


No. 30, Sìwéi St, Xi District Taichung City, 403
春水堂創始店 – 台中市西區四維街30號
Tel: 04 2229 7991
Open: 08:30~5:30pm (Mon – Sat)


Getting There

By Bus:  Chun Shui Tang Teahouse is just off Sanmin Road on Siwei Street.  In truth it may be easier to walk (1.4km) than take a bus as the time may be similar.  Take bus number 25 from Taichung Train station to Taichung General Hospital on Min chuan Road.  Walk down the road 100m to Sanmin Rd and turn right.  Walk another 350m down the road to Siwei street and turn left.  The tea house is 50m down on your right.




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Images credited to Hoa Tran under Creative Commons License 2.0 Generic Share Alike AUD3to

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