Taiwan’s Only Sun Cake Museum

A Colonial Past

There may be dozens of pastry stores in Taichung, but only one worth visiting.  Walking along Taiwan Boulevard from the train station, the magnetic red and white brickwork of Chuan An Hall (全安堂) instantly stands out. Built in 1909, the historic building served as an imported medicine store for a burgeoning colonial population.   For decades the hall operated as a bakery before being lovingly restored to its present form.

The Sun Cake

As the name suggests, Taiwan Sun Cake museum highlights Taichung’s premiere export.  Visitors can expect to sample assorted flavors as well as learn about the history of the famous pastry.   In addition to a DIY section inside taught by two senior bakers on how to make the cake, you can also buy other famous Taiwanese exports like pineapple cake here too.  The second floor of Chuan An Hall features a cafe/restaurant and exhibit laid out under the original building’s wooden beams.  Certainly, an atmospheric way to enjoy a bite to eat.





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