All Things DIY at Civil Square (Cao Wu Square) (台中草悟廣場)

Civil Square (Caowu Square) (台中草悟廣場)

Strolling or biking along the Calligraphy Green way, you’ll soon encounter a large open space populated by picnicking locals. While it gets busy on the weekends with handicraft markets and live performances, there are plenty of restaurants nearby and coffee shops suitable for people watching. A nice place to relax if you’re staying in the area. Check out the website for a program of live performances.  Electric bikes can be hired here for a minimum of $300 for three hours.


This place is also known by the moniker ‘Slow Village‘ which features a collection of over a hundred little shops of design, creativity, green-living and DIY.

Make Your Own Chopsticks

Personal chopstick making is popular here. Choose your from two kinds of wood, carve it in a wooden template, then sand it smooth.  You can even have your name written on your creation afterwards.  Cost for chopstick making is $490NT and takes around two hours to complete.


Getting There

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