The Quirkier Side of Taichung – Fantasy Story

What’s Your Fantasy Story?  范特喜綠光計畫

Fantasy Story is an eclectic collection of quirky shops, handicrafts, and restaurants spread over three streets. The main grouping of shops is on Meicun (“Meichun”) Lane 117 in a disused former water facility. Rather than tear it down, the building was re-purposed into a hipster-centered market.  The area is surprisingly large with much to stoke the imagination.  Comprising two floors, this abundantly green locale features every kind of studio imaginable from umbrella design stores to leather workshops and camphor wood studios. A great place to buy souvenirs from bags to pottery to confectionery, and a wonderful place to try your hand at local handicrafts with a plethora of DIY workshops on both levels.  The main area of Fantasy Story is on Zhong Xing (Jong Shing) 1st lane. There are also a few shops on Xiangshang (“Shang Shang”). Opening hours for most shops are 12.00 till 7pm.  Gets busy on the weekends.



Go down Zhongxing road to the east of Calligraphy Greenway and look out for Meicun Lane 117. Continue down Zhongxing Rd to the intersection with Xiangshang North and Zhongxing 1st Lane.

Lane 117, Meicun Rd Section 1 (美村路一段117巷)
Xiangshang North Rd (向上北路)
Zhongxing 1st Lane (中興一巷)

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