Museum of Alien Studies

Museum of Alien Studies

Some of what makes sense in this world we ignore, yet others that make no sense we pay attention to. This falls in the latter category. In its truest sense, this is not really a museum, but rather an exhibit of artifacts found that are supposedly imbued with alien energy. Many were found in Xinjiang, NW China and brought to Taiwan for further analysis. The museum creator states that each object has a different energy field to normal terrestrial objects. Furthermore each object has its own extraterrestrial healing power and may allow the holder to communicate with aliens. Situated in a basement next to Feng Jia night market, the museum may just give you a new perspective.

Getting there

From the McDonalds at the intersection of Fengjia and Fushing Rd, turn left and walk 600m down Feng Jia Road.  The ‘museum’ is just after Feng Jia Park on the right.  The entrance is down a set of stairs beside the Gjun school after the park.


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