Curious Taichung – Audit Village 小蝸牛市集


Once a series of dormitory blocks for Japanese provincial government staff, today the space practices a wide range of expression (photos). The space is very similar in scope to Guangfu Village in Wufeng.   Artist studios and workshops compete with cafes and bars for customers through their own personal brands of showmanship.   The entire project is one of several attempts by the Taichung government to create interesting civic spaces for the population and by and large it works.  Certainly worth including when walking the Calligraphy Greenway walk from the National Art Museum to the Natural Science Museum. Weekend markets throughout the space really draw the crowds.  (Read reviews)  Opening hours are midday to early evening.Busiest on the weekends midday to 7-8pm.

Getting There

Located just north of the Art Museum a few minutes walk off the Calligraphy Greenway on Minsheng Road. If you’re on Yingcai road, take a left on Minsheng Rd and you’ll see it shortly on your right.  Also known as 小蝸牛市集 (Lole Market) or 審計新村 (Shenji New Village)


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