Taichung’s Environmental Market

Gancheng Second Hand Market

Every Sunday night beginning at midnight, a scruffy, underused hanger becomes home to one of Taichung’s most vibrant and interesting second-hand markets by far. The environmental market takes a gaggle of people from all walks of life and pits them against each other in a day of haggling and deal-making. The complex is large with everything imaginable for sale. As you walk through the market, row upon row of vendors sell everything imaginable from Tibetan prayer beads to sixties rock albums, antiques to power tools. Occasional temples and snack vendors break up the commotion, but this is a place where anything could turn up.

The building itself only serves to heighten the madness inside. Built like a hanger, its rainbow colored concrete roof is strikingly out of place with the buildings nearby. The best part about the market is its amazing ease of access across from Taiyuan train station, a short 3 min ride from Taichung main station. The market runs all day so don’t worry if you’re not a early bird. There’s so much content inside, something interesting is bound to turn up even late in the day.

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