Take a Free Walking Tour of Taichung

Taichung Walking Tour with (TC Time Walk)

Explore the timelessness of Taichung with this free two-hour city walk around some of the hidden corners of the city, and have your eyes opened to what you would have otherwise just taken for granted. Start at Taichung Train Station and meander through central Taichung while Chester, your guide, regales you with a rare look at a city in transition. You’ll see how the train station operated in the days before cars, and how the politics of the Japanese era shaped the old city. The guides are warm, knowledgeable and genuine in their passion for the city.

Three tours labeled by route, operate throughout the week on different days.

The downtown tour or Route A is the most frequent and includes most of the sites around old Taichung center. Route B is a local market biking tour which incorporates Taichung 2nd Market, Who Found Relic Research Workshop and Bubble tea House. The modern tour or Route C steps into present day Taichung by taking a trip along the Caligraphy Greenway through rennovated art ‘villages,’ trendy sightseeing spots and parks.

The Downtown tour easily offers the best insight into the city itself and makes you more vividly aware of the growing pains of the city. Taichung’s population is growing fast and the tour nicely highlights the city’s roots alongside its vision for the future. suitable for those who want to dip their toe and see Taichung like a local. Highly recommended to any visitor. Must be booked 24 hours in advance.


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