Guided Tours of Yuemei Sugar Refinery, North Taichung

Yuemei Sugar Tourism Factory 台糖月眉觀光糖廠

Yuemei is a well-preserved candy factory that first opened in 1909. Inside much of the pre-war and post-war manufacturing equipment is still present making the evolution of the factory a prime reason to go. On arrival, you either join a tour or wander through the complex at your own leisure. A small train runs as part of the tour from the entrance to about halfway through the factory where you can see the original prewar brick service tunnels used to operate the old boilers – one of the best parts.  An interpreter is also available if you don’t speak Chinese. For adults the factory gives a feeling of the scale and development of the place over the years though children may find it boring.

An old steam locomotive and sweet shop in the entrance give an oldie-worldy feeling to the place. A designated route then directs visitors through the factory until you emerge into a small market on the other side. Here a small crowd of vendors will then try to tempt you with both local and national delicacies. There’s also a small playground for kids to enjoy. An overall interesting experience for those looking for something different around Taichung.

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