Fish of the Day at Wuqi Fish Market (梧棲魚市場)

Catch of the Day, Every Day

For those interested in seafood, a visit to Wuqi Fish market is a must.  The market is situated next to Taichung Port, and sells every kind of local fish including many caught that day.  A number of on-site vendors comprise a small food court where you can either buy fish yourself or have them cook it for you.  You pay higher prices for the latter, but it’s hard to beat freshly caught sea produce.  In short, a nice afternoon out and great for kids.  Can easily be combined with a visit to Gaomei Wetlands a few kilometers up the coast.


Getting There:

By Car:  Follow Taiwan Boulevard from Taichung central train station all the way to Wuqi on the coast.  Turn right onto Highway 61 and follow signs for Taichung Fisherman’s Wharf (about 1 hr)

By Bus:  Take bus number 123 to Wuqi Fisherman’s Wharf (over 2 hours)

By train:  Take a local train to Changhwa station and change trains to Qingshui station.  From Qingshui station, you can take a shared taxi to Wuqi Fisherman’s Wharf.  There is no easy bus option from Qingshui station to the fish market.


Photo Credit

Chi-Hung Lin/台灣台中市梧棲區 梧棲漁市場 (Wuqi Fish Market,Wuqi,Taichung City, Taiwan)

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