Fields of Flowers at Zhong She Flower Market

Houli Flower Market (中社觀光花市)

While bit of a tourist trap, if you ever fancied playing the grand piano amidst a sea of flowers, there’s no better place to go! Multi-hued flower beds are nicely set out according to varying themes that also vary season to season. Though not a huge place, there are plenty of photo-worthy attractions scattered throughout such as bridges, windmills and giant love hearts. Great place for families, couples and the selfie crowd. Best visited on a sunny day to take advantage of all the photo ops. To get there, take a taxi 4kms (8 mins) from Houli train station. Alternatively take a shuttle bus to Tai’an station and walk back along Anmei Road to Highway 13 to get there.

Open 8am-6pm Monday to Sunday. Entrance fee $120NT.


Photo Credit

Cover Photo Flickr User Ccnpapago.

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